Philosophies & Policies

We offer a hands-on, developmental approach to teaching and education in the kitchen. Our focus is on the process rather than the product. By teaching children and adults how to cook for themselves, they are less likely to eat fast or junk food. One of our goals is to empower people with confidence and competence in the kitchen. Classes are presented in a non threatening, pressure less environment. The Culinary Dude teaches to the people and not at them. Age is not a factor when working towards the same ultimate goal, creating good food for everyone to eat. All participants learn while performing culinary tasks to achieve the same goal. Once students have mastered the process of the how's, what's, where's, why's and when's of cooking and recipe comprehension, a focus on the product will naturally follow.

Your children are not numbers to us! Unlike other programs who just want your money, our focus is to cater to each child individually, help them where they need improvement and cap our class numbers to keep the class intimate, so your child does not get lost in the masses and feels like they are truly a part of the whole.

We are a nut-free business and use sunflower seeds, SunButter & Wowbutter as a nut replacement unless otherwise requested.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION-We do the best we can to accommodate children with allergies and intolerances. If your child is extremely allergic to the whole spectrum of Dairy, Wheat and or Egg/Egg Products, this might not be the camp for your child.

For cooking parties, a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total quoted price, is due immediately upon acceptance of final contract via Personal Checks, Money Orders or PayPal. Final payment must be made one week prior to or on the day of the event.

In the case of after-school enrichment programs, payment is due at the halfway point of classes and upon the final class of the series, unless otherwise arranged.

Returned Checks
Any check returned for insufficient funds will result in a $35 fee due prior to the next billing. The client will also be responsible for all charges and fees made by their and our bank.

Cancellation Notice
A minimum of 7 days notice is necessary for cancellation of Birthday Parties and Camps in order to receive a full refund. If offered in less time, the Culinary Dude will retain all payments in full.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are a terrific gift for anyone when you want to give the gift of a great meal, cooking lesson or just say thanks. You can choose a set meal, specific lesson or food delivery, the options are limitless...