Parent Friendly Services

Cooking Classes
We are a business focused on hands-on culinary education, fun, health, safety, nutrition and teamwork in and outside the kitchen. Our background in both culinary arts and education has lead us to having a superb track record and impressive list of clients which clearly speaks to our ability to engage students of all ages in the best cooking classes & camps in the Bay Area! The Culinary Dude's goal is simple and meaningful: Empower our students with the kitchen skills to become self-sufficient and make healthy choices for themselves, their families and their future.

Cooking Camps
Our hands-on cooking camp will enable kids to find their inner chef. The Culinary Dude has created a wonderful collection of daily menus that the kids will cook themselves. Using the fresh ingredients, fun and interactive cooking techniques, the kids will prepare meals from scratch each day as they learn kitchen and food safety, professional kitchen etiquette, measuring ratios, prep skills, and table manners. In addition to a wide variety of hands-on, tactile recipes, kids will participate in additional food-related activities.

Private Consulting
Do you have a child who is a picky eater? Do they only eat one color food? Is it hard to go out and eat as a family due to your child's limited palate? Is this embarrassing when your child eats at someone else's home? Well, we can help! This one on one, hands-on instruction will not only help your child be more open to "new" foods, but will become interested in preparing these "new" foods in their own kitchen. This service is done in the comfort of your own home. We work around true allergies and intolerances.

Birthday Parties
Parents stop stressing out about planning your child's birthday and let us do it for you! Not only will the kids have the opportunity to learn a variety of cooking styles and techniques during their 2 hour cooking party, but they will also be making their own meal so you do not have to lift a finger, including making and frosting their own birthday cupcakes, upon request. We cater to the food preferences of the birthday child and to assure that their special day is exactly what they want, can customize the menu to their and their friends liking.

Parents Night Out
Because of the sporadic sign ups for this event in the past, we are going to try presenting this event a different way in the new year. If you have a group of kids, Minimum 6, Maximum 16, ages 5-15 and you'd like to not be with them for 4 hours, we'll take them off your hands!This is an opportunity for parents to enjoy some adult time, without kids. Yes, kid free! This can be done in your home or at the locations we have access to in Tiburon and San Francisco (additional $50 rental fee/pending availability), your choice.The event would start at 5pm, the kids jump right in and all together, start to create their amazing dinner for the evening while learning how to cook, create and work collectively. They will execute a fresh, healthy, well-balanced meal. We cater to dietary and allergy needs. This would need to be advanced prior to the event. After their meal, the kids will clean up after themselves, wash their own dishes, prepare and create their own dessert. You pick them up at 9pm. Your child will also be part of an inviting social environment. The cost is $75 per child and includes their dinner. This is a 4 hour event!