The Culinary Dude's Culinary Education

COVID-19 Protocol
UPDATED 1/23/24

Because we are a hands-on camp, we want everyone to equally share the daily responsibilities and will require ALL campers to still wear masks ONLY during food preparation.The goal is to prevent personal germs from being an ingredient in the food. We will offer mask breaks periodically throughout the day as requested by your child.


No infected children or staff will be allowed in camp until otherwise notified and approved by a Dr.'s note showing that the individual is COVID free.

We reserve the right to send your child home if any COVID-19 symptoms are suspected. If this is the case, your child will be separated from the group and the parent or guardian will be called immediately for pick up.


In the past we have offered individual water cups. This is no longer an option. We request that ALL children arrive with their own water bottles which will be stored with their personal belongings

As part of our regular camp protocol, the emphasis of the importance of frequent handwashing with soap and water, including scrubbing with soap for 20 seconds will be offered multiple times throughout the day.


All surfaces used for our camp will be cleaned and disinfected before during and after camp. We'll be using a household bleach solution, 5 tablespoons per gallon of water for this situation. In addition, all dishes, cooking and eating utensils will be washed and disinfected this way too.

Soap will be used prior to and after working with food.

All cloth towels and sponges used in camp will be washed and bleached daily.

Thank you!