COVID-19 Protocol

The Culinary Dude's Summer Cooking Camp COVID-19 Protocol

Based on the guidelines offered by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, CAL-OSHA and the CDC as of May 27, 2020, we will be implementing the following for our summer cooking camps.

Our goal is to follow all of the requirements and recommendations made by the above to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and run our program so that your child is safe.

Due to the reality of most children's inability to consistently follow social distancing and sanitation recommendations, especially in a cooking camp, we will do all in our power to help your child with the understanding and concepts involved of being safe and avoiding the spread of COVID-19. In the past we have implemented a very similar protocol for safety and sanitation, so this kind of enforcement is not new to us.


Please send your child to camp with 2 face masks, one to wear as soon as they step out of the car to be warn during camp and one as a backup.

No infected children or staff will be allowed in camp until otherwise notified and approved by a Dr.'s note showing that the individual is COVID free.

We reserve the right to send your child home if any COVID-19 symptoms are suspected. If this is the case, your child will be separated from the group and the parent or guardian will be called immediately for pick up.


We ask that all children arrive to camp on time. If your child is attending early care, arrival time is at 9am. If your child is just attending camp, arrival time can be between 9:50-10am. If there are any changes to your child's morning arrival schedule, please forward the changes to us 24 hours prior. The doors will be locked after 10am.

We will be implementing a curbside drop off for your kids during the above hours. A staff member will greet your child curbside and take their temperature with a no touch infrared thermometer prior to the parent/caregiver driving off. The driver must wait until the staff member has approved your child's temperature. If your child's temperature exceeds 99 degrees, they will not be allowed to attend camp that day. If your child's temperature is 99 degrees or lower, the staff member will then walk your child into the building for camp.

There is no need for any parent or caregiver to leave their car unless otherwise discussed 24 hours prior. If parents/caregivers must come into the building they and anyone with them will be required to wear face coverings. There will be no exceptions! A marked area will be offered to distance themselves from other parents and kids outside the camp room area.


Again, it is important that the parents/caregivers arrive on time. Camps ends at 2pm for non after-care attendees and 3pm for those in after-care. We will have a staff member outside during both times, at the curb escorting your child to their vehicle. There is no need for any parent or caregiver to leave their car unless otherwise discussed 24 hours prior. If parents/caregivers must come into the building they and anyone with them will be required to wear face coverings. There will be no exceptions! A marked area will be offered to distance themselves from other parents and kids outside the camp room area.


Once your child arrives, we will offer them a specific location to put their belongings that will be distanced from the other kid's belongings. They will have access to their stuff with the permission of the staff as well as being escorted to the location.

It is requested that the only items that come from home are extra clothes, face masks, backpacks, snacks & water bottles. Cell phones can be used for emergency purposes ONLY and will need to remain in your child's backpack or jacket, but not allowed to be on their person during camp hours.

In the past we have offered individual water cups. This is no longer an option. We request that ALL children arrive with their own water bottles which will be stored with their personal belongings or in a special designated area where they will have easy access to them, but with a reasonable distance from others water bottles. We will be supplying water to the kids when need into their water bottles only. Hopefully we will be receiving a donation of individual juice/beverage boxes that will be offered for snack/afternoon break.

We will be offering daily demonstrations of social distancing to help the kids understand our expectations.

As part of our regular camp protocol, the emphasis of the importance of frequent handwashing with soap and water, including scrubbing with soap for 20 seconds will be offered multiple times throughout the day.

The performing of thorough cleaning in areas, such as lunch areas, entry ways, stairways, stairwells, handrails will be done throughout the day. This will also include commonly used surfaces including doors, door handles, light switches, waiting area chairs, tubs, serving trays, water pitcher handles, toilets, kitchen and utensils and implements, oven doors, grill and range knobs.


For meal preparation, the goal is to be outside a much as possible, offering a steady air flow and comfort to the kids with appropriate distancing. Due to the very warm temperatures that occur in Tiburon, there may be times during day in which we will need to relocate into a large room inside due to extreme heat. Per the above guidelines, it requires at least 144 square feet (12' X 12') per child or 1750 square feet per 12 kids. This room will have all doors open and a running air purifier that will also be in any room the kids are. At no point will any camper or staff member be subject to recycled air.

This room may also apply for eating lunch. Pending the temperature outside. Sometimes, the kids may have the option to eat inside or out. Ideally, we'd like to eat lunch outside daily.

The kids will be spaced as far apart as possible when working to make lunch and eating it, minimum 3 feet, maximum 6 feet from each other.

We will be working in two, 6 kid, one adult groups when making our daily lunch.

Only the staff will be distributing plates, utensils and napkins for both snack and lunch. If the occasion arises where a child is asking to help set up for lunch, they will be required to wear rubber gloves that will be disposed of when finished.

Children will be required to scrape their own plates and place their used utensils in a designated bus tub for cleaning, after lunch.

In the past we have set up a buffet style for serving food. This will no longer be offered. The staff will be serving the kids in a regulated, staggered line offering appropriate distancing when being served.

Any shared food items such as condiment bottles, salt and pepper shakers, etc. will be offered to the kids by staff only.

There will be no sharing of food by the kids for snack or lunch. The exception would be siblings who live under the same roof.

All surfaces used for our camp will be cleaned and disinfected before during and after camp. We'll be using, per the CDC, a household bleach solution, 5 tablespoons per gallon of water for this situation. In addition, all dishes, cooking and eating utensils will be washed and disinfected this way too.

Soap will be used prior to and after working with food. When not working with food we will be offering hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of between 60–95%, again as a precaution.

All cloth towels and sponges used in camp will be washed and bleached daily.


Any and all equipment used by the kids during break and after lunch, balls, the climbing structures, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected before, during and after camp.

The use of the outdoor structures will be regulated so that those who are interested in using them have enough distance from others to be safe. The use of this equipment will be offered at break time and after lunch. For those kids interested in using a ball for shooting baskets and or kicking it, will get their own ball. A sharpie marker will be offered for them to write their name on it and will be theirs to be used for the week. At no time will hand to hand catch be allowed.

We will be supplying reusable, recyclable, to go containers for your kids to take the food home that they create each day. Please let us know ahead of time if you do not wish your child to bring food home. The containers will be labeled with your child's name on it, be portioned out by a staff member and ready to go upon pick up. These containers can be returned the following day or on the last day of camp. They will be sanitized upon arrival at camp.

Please discuss all of the above with your child prior to camp so that these new practices are not a surprise for them on the first day. We are all making adjustments and hope that next summer will be a little more normal for all involved. You will be notified of any additional practices or changes to the above.

Thank you!